Djane Cat represents a nice and fresh type of djaying. Her style is transboundary and not dominated by a certain genre, which leads to a fulminant musical experience. Her genre-mix is unique. That’s the reason why she stands out of the masses and is not like the usual Partysans. She excites with her individual style. Her sets change between playful to filigree to freaky. That is how she finds her way into the hearts of the fans.

With her sense for the audience, she is always able to find the right song for the right moment and no one is able to distract from her balanced mixture.
Her stage experience is based on various appearances as a musician and actress. As a result, every performance is unforgettable. Passion and affection for extraordinary sounds follows up the philosophy of soulfood.

No matter if the event takes place on the beach, in a club, a hotel bar, a rooftop, a gala dinner, weddings or birthday parties – this sympathetic lady is always capable for a charming or explosive atmosphere.


Since 25 years DJane Cat lives and loves in Berlin. Her style is affected by continuous alteration of music genres based on the multicultural influences of the city. DJane Cat acquired a wide range of various music styles. Her musical roots are based on soul and jazz. Extraordinary sounds blossom up due to melodic electronic music mixed with elements from house, swing, balkan brass, world music and a special fusion with underground and indie.
DJane Cat produces music by herself. Some of her tracks were used for the score in artistically and ambitiously movies. She used to play in her own band and had appearances in different clubs in Berlin and abroad. Her DJ-skills developed consistently from her musical vita.

Even though DJane Cat performs on digital devices, she is not related to a nerd attitude. Travelling is one of her favorite activities. She is a music junkie and everything is fine as long as her tracks accompany her. So she is able to perform on every party in the world.
Feeling to her is not related to laptops and turntables. It is rather merging with the atmosphere of the event and to comfort its audience. The occasions are various. No matter if classy, relaxed, ceremonial or enthusiastic dancing mania, the essence is always to play excellent tunes, which gently wrap up the ears.

DJ Sets from Cat on Mixcloud

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